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0.6kW Quality Pool Pump

  • Use a 0.6kW pump with 2 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 30000L water

The self-priming Quality Superflo pump is currently the most used swimming pump in South Africa. The 0.75kW Quality Pool Pump is designed for a 2 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 30000L water.

  • The size of the sand filter determines the size of the pump.
  • A bigger pump uses more electricity and does not necessarily equal better water quality.
  • More filtration will provide more hygienic water and better water clarity throughout the year.
  • Consider using a sand filter in conjunction with a cartridge filter for better filtration, i.e. to “polish” As a result the water will be more crystal clear in color.


The Quality Pool Pump 0. 6kw is a self-priming pump. There are two ways to install the Quality Superflo pump. You can install the pump above or below the water level. If you choose to go below the water level. Be sure to connect a control valve on your suction pipe between the pool weir/skimmer, this will help to prevent your pump from flooding when you attempt to clean the leaf basket.

Do not overtighten fittings into the inlet and outlet of the pump. Position pump on a flat level surface not exposed to flooding, as the pump motor is not waterproof.

An Electrical connection should be done by a qualified electrician. Quality Superflo Pump recommends a weatherproof installation and well-ventilated enclosure away from all chemicals.

Before starting the motor, open the lid of the pump and add water to cover the basket. Then place the lid back and tighten by hand. Never run the pump dry without water, and clean the pump leaf basket regularly.

WARRANTY 24 Months

24 Month factory warranty. Under normal operating conditions. Warranty is valid from the date of purchase for 24 months.

  • The size of the sand filter determines the size of the pump

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