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Zodiac Saltwater Tri Chlorinator


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Enjoy reliable Swimming pool Chlorinator maintenance with the Zodiac saltwater Tri Chlorinator and PH Controller, an all in one and straightforward, complete chlorination and pH system.

Featuring an ample back lit LCD display as well as a Clock that you can program youself. With the Swimming pool Chlorinator you can adjust filtration and chlorine produce times to however you please. The Zodiac TRi Salt Chlorinator and PH Controller is user friendly and makes observing straight forward and simple.

Featuring a system of two modes (low and boost). The Zodiac saltwater Tri Chlorinator can reduce the speed of chlorine manually or automatically.

Also provided with the Zodiac Saltwater Tri Chlorinator and pH Controller are adjustable reversal time periods.

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50000LT Mini, 80000LT Midi, 160000LT Maxi


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